Deployment of HPE GreenLake Solution at Senco Příbram

Senco Příbram faced the challenge of replacing servers and disk arrays that had become insufficient over time due to the growing demands of the business. Based on its needs and priorities, the company chose the HPE GreenLake platform, which is provided as a service (“as-a-service”).

Initial Situation
The original infrastructure, consisting of a pair of servers and a disk array, no longer met the current demands of the business. Due to the age of the hardware deployed in 2017, even partial upgrades were no longer feasible. Furthermore, the infrastructure did not allow for the integration of a newly built robotic warehouse (this issue was temporarily resolved by borrowing a server with the necessary features) and did not offer adequate cybersecurity.

Given the insufficient performance and capacity that no longer met the dynamically evolving business operations, the customer decided on a complete renewal of the server infrastructure (two servers and a disk array), UPS, construction of a new server room, and deployment of modern security features.

At the beginning of the process, the customer considered two options: acquiring physical infrastructure or deploying a cloud solution. Due to the need for low latencies essential for production machinery and the robotic warehouse, it was decided to deploy the HPE GreenLake infrastructure, which ultimately also proved to be the most cost-effective option. In addition to the server infrastructure, both internal and external security of the business was significantly strengthened (implemented through a combination of components from Palo Alto, the ESET XDR platform, and 802.1X technology). Thanks to the experience of Xanadu’s technicians, the deployment of all hardware proceeded without any problems. Thus, a month after signing the contract, the customer had functional servers and all the necessary infrastructure transferred.

Current State
Senco Příbram currently uses a pair of HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 servers with AMD EPYC 9124 processors, HPE MSA 2062 storage, and an HPE R/T3000 Gen5 High Voltage UPS unit. The company thus has a modern IT infrastructure that reliably covers its current operational needs. Reliable security of both the internal network and the external perimeter is also ensured.

Benefits for the Company
The main advantage of the HPE GreenLake solution is the possibility of gradually scaling the server environment – i.e., the parameters were designed with the current business requirements in mind, but if needed, performance or capacity can be easily and quickly expanded in the future. The customer also appreciated the nearly zero initial investment – for the deployed hardware and related services, thanks to the “as-a-service” model, payment is made continuously during its use.